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How do you make the switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding?

The switch from breastfeeding to bottle feeding. For some mothers, it is a liberation and other mothers are extremely anxious to give it up. If you hate breastfeeding, then bottle feeding may be the ideal solution. But if you are anxious to switch to formula, this step is not so easy. Whatever the reason you are switching from breastfeeding to bottle feeding, we would like to explain to you how best to do it!

Build it off slowly
The most important thing for the baby, but also for you as a mother, is that you start phasing out slowly. You should not stop breastfeeding overnight and start bottle feeding right away. You should start slowly reducing breastfeeding and then slowly start building up to bottle feeding. 

One less and the other more

For example, you start with breastfeeding twice a day and bottle feeding once a day in addition. You then do this for a few days and then you switch to once daily breastfeeding and instead bottle feed twice daily. Watch carefully how your baby reacts to it, if you find you are going too fast in phasing out, pick up breastfeeding again for a while so the baby can get used to bottle feeding at his own pace. 


Build the morning feeding off last

Did you know that the morning feeding contains the most breast milk? A baby gets the largest amount in the morning. So if you are in the process of phasing out feeding, it is best to choose last to stop morning breastfeeding. 


The reason for this is, if you start replacing morning breastfeeding with formula right away. Your child will be hungry for the rest of the day. This is because the amount of bottle feeding cannot match the amount of morning breastfeeding. Therefore, it is important that you phase it out last.


Choose the right breastfeeding for your baby

It is important that your child responds well to the formula you choose for him. On Dutch Baby Shop has an incredibly large selection to choose from. For example, you have the brand Hollow baby formula. All the formulas listed on this site are reliable. The formulas must be tested according to the law and can only be sold if they have passed the test.