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Make Your Day Unforgettable with the Amsterdam Canal Cruise

As Valentine’s Day is approaching, many lovers are looking for a romantic way to spend this day. Among the many possibilities is one that you maybe have not considered yet, but the idea might sweep you right off your feet. Almost literally, because we are about to hop on a boat. However, it’s not an ordinary boat ride. It’s the Amsterdam private canal cruise! It almost can’t get any more romantic than that. Read about what makes this trip so special.

At first, the Amsterdam private canal cruise is not only special on Valentine’s Day, since it can make any day of your life unforgettable. Well, it is not called luxurious for nothing. The cruise takes you through the beautiful canals of Amsterdam in a comfortable electric boat where everything revolves around you and yours. Yes, we take your wishes very seriously and will do everything to make the ride one to remember. When it comes to the service, it is as simple as ‘your wish is our comment’.

You will also feel at place at once since our boats are always kept tidy and cleaned regularly. In this cozy environment, you can get all warm and fuzzy on our pleasant cushions with a bar in the center. This gives you the opportunity to make your ride a romantic cruise or turn it into a boat party with friends. It is all up to you to go for a drink with your buddies or gals or stare your special someone in the eye while enjoying the beautiful view that is Amsterdam. All this without a worry since our skillful captains will make sure you enjoy your cruise without a hassle.

The total package

Although the ride itself is outstanding, we offer some extras to make your time even more unforgettable.

vWe create an upscale and private setting for you to enjoy during the cruise.

vEven though electric, our boats make very little to no sounds, so you can hear even the softest whisper of your guest.

vNo trip is complete without great food and beverages, so those are also available.

vFor your comfort and for security reasons, we have set the maximum of people per sloop at 25.

vAmsterdam is known for its not-always-shiny weather and therefore offer convertible tops for those rainy days or moments.

vWe make sure you leave the trip with new interesting facts and delightful stories about Amsterdam told by the soothing voice of our captain during the trip.

Amsterdam is a beautiful city without a question and getting to experience it through a luxury boat ride will only make this happening more mesmerizing. We also cater to your wishes and do not stick to standards. We understand that everyone enjoys things differently. The one thing that all our trips do have in common is comfort. It doesn’t matter what your appeal is, we will make your cruise appealing. We invite you to look through our website to get a feeling of what we have to offer. Once you feel comfortable, feel free to book a ticket or contact us. Either way, we are looking forward to hearing from you…