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SIM card IoT

Internet or Things devices are also known as smart or smart devices. These devices all have internet access with which they collect, send and use data to obtain data in a certain environment by means of sensors, processors and communication hardware. They can then share this data with each other without human intervention.

Example: a smartwatch that communicates to your smart thermostat to inform you that you are at home. The smart thermostat automatically brings the house to the desired temperature while also taking into account the outside temperature and your body temperature. It also receives this data via the temperature sensor of the smartwatch. For example, there are other IoT applications and possibilities that are now within your reach. With the IoT SIM card, this process is only made easier.

Olivia Wireless offers an IoT SIM card solution in the form of data sim only cards. These data sim cards can be used for the aforementioned IoT applications. The SIM cards work via the best possible network for an excellent coverage.

IoT is built around the fact that it can create connectivity that technologies from many different consumers, suppliers and industries can use. It opens up new possibilities while lowering costs. With the IoT SIM card, multiple devices, sensors and machines can be connected to the same cloud in multiple places. It is therefore no longer necessary to connect only the most important devices or to make partial use of sensors within a production process. The ioT SIM card can be used to create a huge network where all data is collected and exchanged. Do you want to make your company IoT proof? Then don’t wait any longer and check out Olivia Wireless today!