Unique leather paint colours

A leather jacket that is just not the right colour or shoes that have lost their shine? Can you change that? You can with leather paint!

In our webshop we have a large selection of leather paint in a lot of colours and brands. For example our Angelus paint. You can use leather paint for all of your leather stuff. Jackets, shoes, bags, couches, anything really. We supply 150 different colours, which even include metallic and neon shades!

You can use our specialist knowledge of leather and leather paint. Do you have any valuable stuff you want to paint? Please take our advice. Our specialists can help you choose the right paint so you won’t mess up your late grandpa’s jacket. You can also find instructions for all of our paint on our website. Which is nice for when you have absolutely no idea what you have to do.

We don’t only sell leather paint, but also leather care products and prepping products. Also accessories like brushes, mixing jars, vinyl mask tape. Anything you might need really.

We offer fast shipping, a fair price range and the largest colour range available. You can even mix our paints to create your own personal and unique colour. We like to listen to our costumers so contact us anytime for any of your questions about our products or how to use them.

Do you have an ugly, leather couch in your shed that used to belong to your grandma? Paint it another colour and give it a new life! You can really outdo yourself here. Use your creativity and make sure your couch gets a second life!

Leather paint used to be very expensive, but thanks to technology nowadays we can sell it to you for way cheaper. Make use of that! Get creative!