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5 Most Important Skills Every Soccer Player Must Have

Soccer is a game that is played in most parts of the world. This game has been played – by both men and women – for a long time and has a lot of fans supporting different teams.

National or club teams are always involved in one soccer competition or the other. These competitions test the skills and strength of players and also reward winners in most games.

Soccer – derived from ‘association football’ in Britain – is different from American football and played by 22 players from 2 teams. The game’s popularity amongst people has grown over the years and continues to be a great source of investment for businesses and fans alike. 

There are skills necessary for soccer players to excel in their careers. Compiled below are five (5) of the most important skills every soccer player must-have.

1.      Ball Control

A player can use all parts of the body to collect and use the ball. Every soccer player must have great control of the ball. It is an important skill because it largely determines the success of the player. Possessing ball control skills helps the player keep the ball from opponents, pass to teammates with accuracy, and also dribble – moving the call in different directions at different speeds, using both feet.

2.      Spatial Awareness

This skill is a must-have for every soccer player. It helps the player make quick and effective decisions on the soccer pitch. This is an intelligence skill that helps the player see the pitch clearly and use every space to their advantage. Knowing the positions of the ball, each teammate, and their opponents per time will help to decide where to be – to receive a pass, help a teammate or pass the ball accurately.

3.      Balance and Coordination

For a soccer player to succeed on the soccer pitch, balance and coordination skill is important. Soccer requires players to move fast in a limited space with other people. Either on the defense or defending from opponents, a player needs to be agile in maintaining stamina on the pitch. This skill will also help them move with speed as it helps them gain control of the body. The balance and coordination skills will help the player move through opponents quickly and effectively.

4.      Strength and Power

Physical strength and power is an important skill for every soccer player. This helps to endure the demands of playing and the ability to make long passes, defend the ball, or take it from opponents. This skill also makes a significant contribution to the speed and agility of the player.

5.      Mental Strength

The importance of this skill for every soccer player cannot be overemphasized. A person’s mental strength is a determining factor of the things the person can achieve. The level of emotional intelligence a player possesses is a reflection of their mental strength. This is evident in how the player accepts defeat, acts in victory, and performs under pressure. 


As with every game, there are skills – some of which are listed above – every soccer player must-have. These skills not only help the player play well on the pitch, but it also helps them to achieve success as a soccer player.