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Cannabidiol (CBD Oil)

The word “cannabidiol” in general has gotten a bad rap, leaving out the fact that the plant offers more than a “high.” There are more than 100 cannabidiol compounds found in the plant, with the one cannabidiol gets derived from known as CBD which stands for cannabidiol. Most medical practitioners are rallying behind the oil due to its scientifically medically proved properties such as treating epilepsy, insomnia, anxiety, depression among other diseases and disorders. 


Cannabidiol doesn’t get you high

Some countries have made CBD legal and in some can be gotten over the counter. This plant extract does not contain any psychoactive substance as is typical of tetrahydrocannabinol (THC). While cannabidiol as a remedy has been in use for over 3, 000 years, the uptake in modern society has been low due to the general stigmatization that society has. How CBD works is that it interacts with the human body’s endocannabinoid system. It is responsible for the brain, endocrine, and immune tissues functioning. It is its use in helping with pain, appetite, memory, and sleep that our ancestors choose to adopt cannabidiol for therapeutic purposes. 

The recommended quantity of THC is cannabidiol is below 0.2 percent. At that level doesn’t give any effect as of one who has smoked or ingested the plant product. At that level, it is legal over some countries, but many others still do not recognize it something of use for medical purposes. An example of such countries is the UK where it is legal. However, in the US, one can only purchase it legally in states where cannabidiol itself is legal. 

Legalization of CBD 

The World Health Organization in November of 2017 stated that CBD in its pure state ought not to be considered as a drug that can cause harm or addiction. Their disclaimer, however, was that more research needs conducting before they can urge other countries to take a similar stance. Currently, they acknowledge that the decision rests on the nations as they are yet to consider all cases. Now, research is undertaken by lab mice and controlled groups treating epilepsy. 

Currently, companies producing cannabidiol brand it as a supplement. The FDA does not provide regulations for the potency of the content meaning that dosages vary. What currently exists is what gets recommended for seizures. Therefore, if a person wishes to take cannabidiol for sleep, depression or stress, they ought to do so guided by a medical practitioner.  

Where to buy CBD Oil?

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