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Easy Tips to Keep Your Shrubs Looking Their Best

Shrubs are beautiful plants that can be used to add character and curb appeal to almost any yard. They come in a variety of shapes, sizes and colors so they’re perfect for anyone who wants to add greenery to their home but doesn’t want a large tree that might get messy. Shrubs can help give your property visual appeal and also provide you with some privacy if planted close to the house. However, these plants do require some maintenance from time to time. They are prone to pests like caterpillars, mites, scale insects and thrips; have specific watering requirements; need pruning from time to time; and can produce excess twigs or leaves that you’ll need remove from time-to-time. Even though maintaining shrubs may seem like a lot of work, it’s actually not that hard if you know what you’re doing. Here are some helpful tips for keeping your shrubs looking their best at all times:


Rotate your shrubs

Most shrubs should be rotated every 3 to 5 years so they don’t become stunted. If your shrubs are healthy and growing well, you may not have to rotate them at all. However, if you notice they’re becoming smaller and aren’t growing as well as they should, you should consider rotating them. If you don’t, they may die out over time. There are several ways you can rotate your shrubs, including digging them up, digging a new hole and replanting them in the new location, or simply moving the pots they’re in and planting them elsewhere.


Remove unwanted leaves and twigs

Shrubs can produce a lot of leaves and twigs from time-to-time. You’ll want to make sure you remove these from your shrubs every once in a while to keep your plants looking their best. You can either rake up the leaves, which is ideal if they’re not too thick, or you can remove the whole shrub, bag it up and throw it in the garbage. You’ll also want to remove any dead or diseased branches from your shrubs every once in a while. Diseased branches should be removed promptly so it doesn’t spread to the rest of the plant. You’ll want to keep an eye on the rest of your shrubs from time-to-time to make sure you don’t miss any diseased branches.


Planting Shrubs Together For a Beautiful Look

Shrubs can be planted together to create a beautiful look and provide some privacy for your home. However, you’ll want to make sure you plant them in the right order. For example, plant taller shrubs in the back, shorter shrubs in the front, and medium-sized shrubs in the middle. This will help create a more natural look and provide you with some privacy. You’ll also want to plant shrubs with the same watering needs together. For example, don’t plant a shrub that needs to be watered regularly next to a shrub that only needs to be watered once a month.


Maintain the pH balance of your soil

You’ll want to make sure the soil in your shrubs is properly balanced so they can thrive. If the soil pH levels are too high or low, your shrubs will become stunted and may even die out over time. You can hire a professional to test the pH levels of your soil, or you can use a home testing kit to figure it out yourself. You can also buy a soil pH test kit from your local gardening store. If your soil pH levels aren’t balanced, you can use either peat or lime to adjust them.


Weed often and rake up your mulch regularly

Weed often to prevent them from spreading and ruining your shrubs. It’s best to weed when the soil is moist so the weeds are easier to remove. If you only weed once a month, you’ll have a lot more weeds to remove at once. It’s also a good idea to rake up your mulch regularly so it doesn’t get too thick. A thick layer of mulch can prevent water and nutrients from reaching your shrubs, which can cause them to die out over time.


Arming yourself with the best tools

You’ll want to make sure you have the right tools for the job if you plan on maintaining your shrubs yourself. You can find all sorts of useful tools, like a garden spade, loppers, pruning shears, a garden rake, a watering can and more at your local gardening store. Having the right tools for the job will make maintaining your shrubs a lot easier. If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to keeping your shrubs looking their best at all times. Your yard will look beautiful and be full of life with these wonderful plants, so what are you waiting for? Get ready to enjoy your gorgeous shrubs.

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