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You can see it everywhere on the street: graffiti. A lot of people think about it negatively and think it is illegal. But there are a lot of graffiti art work which are very beautiful. This article will describe how to become a graffiti artist.

Firstly, it is very important to buy a sketchbook. You can try a lot of letter types and other artworks. It is also important to come up with a good nick name. Try to make it as unique as possible. A lot of names are already used a lot of times. If you want to be really original you can come up with a name which is related to yourself.

Secondly, you can look in your city and on the internet for inspiration. But watch out that you do not copy anything. This will brand you as a toy. This means a new artist who gets no respect. The graffiti term for copying someone else’s work is ‘biting’. It is better to do not. You have to be aware that you become a better artist step by step. Start with simple things and do not hesitate with difficult artworks.

After months or weeks of practice and sketching with a pen you can make your designs with permanent markers. After that you can buy paint sprayers. You can take a look to buy the best paint sprayers. If you like making this kind of artworks but you do not want to spray your work on a wall outside. You can also buy an indoor paint sprayer. So you can do what you like, but not everyone has to see it. You can paint a wall in your house or also a smaller object like a bag or a cupboard. You will experience that it is very nice to make art.