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How can you treat warts?

How can you treat warts?

Warts are not a serious or fatal disease, but they can be very annoying to have. In addition, it is often contagious and the last thing you want is to give someone else warts. This is also the reason that people choose Warts removal. They can be recognized by the relatively small bumps with a hard core. Sometimes they also change color. Often this is from light to dark. In some cases they are painful and you should have them treated immediately. Usually a cream is used for this, but they can also be burned off. You should think of a treatment in which the warts are frozen with nitrogen.

Oorzaken van het ontstaan van wratten

The most Causeso of warts are related to a virus. You can become infected by coming into direct contact with the virus. This can come from the air, but also from poorly cleaned sanitary facilities. You can get genital warts again by having intimacy with someone who carries this virus. You don’t always have to have visible warts for this. You can also carry the virus without an infection.

It is important to stay away from warts. You can use this to increase the area because you are in a different place with the same hand. When you see that a wart has a pus head or starts to bleed, you should clean the area. This is the most common reason for warts to spread.

Here’s what you can do to prevent it

Warts can largely be prevented by good hygiene. However, you cannot always rule it out, because often it is a virus that can also be found in air particles. In addition, you can unnoticed come into contact with other people, for example through a toilet or shower. A lot of people don’t stop to think about this. Also pay attention to changing intercours contacts.