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Take your dog on fun walks in the city with a colorful collar set

Do you want to support dogs in need while also buying stylish accessories for your own furry friend? Then Approved by Fritz, a woman-owned dog brand in New York, is the place for you! This brand is focused on dogs and their well-being in every way. Their products, made from sustainable materials, will keep your dog safe and looking stylish. At the same time, you will help dogs in shelters because a portion of the proceeds from your purchase will fund non-profit organizations that work hard to help dogs everywhere. So whether you are looking for a new dog bed or a donut toy for your dog, buy it from this great company!

I’m walking my dog over here!

This company isn’t just based in New York City, the city is at the heart of this company. The fun colors of their colorful dog collar sets were inspired by the subway lines and they design their products for the modern dog owners in cities everywhere. Their products are made of various sustainable materials. Their collars and leashes, for example, are made of a material that is made from old plastic bottles, and their donut dog toy is made of upcycled denim. Their stylish and comfortable dog beds are also made form sustainable materials. This material is excellent for dog beds, because it is very resistant to scratches and tears.

Place your order today

Take a look at Approved by Fritz’s wide range of products on their website and place your order for a dog collar set or donut dog toy today! Do you want to know more about their various products, their sustainability practices, or the non-profit organizations they support? Don’t hesitate to contact this company via the contact information on their website! They will gladly tell you more about their sizing or give you other information.