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Top things to do in Ireland that should be on your bucket list

Ireland is one of the largest islands in Europe. Ireland has much more to show you if you are planning to visit this country. Its food culture, vibrant history, majestic landscape, and natural beauty are a complete package. Cosmopolitan cities like Dublin, Galway, and Cork present the hustle and bustle while grasslands, lakes cliffs and castles are places to visit if you want a break from the noise.

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Here is a list of things to do in Iceland. We have managed to point a few among them:

River Shannon

Let’s start from River Shannon – the longest river in Ireland. You can enjoy the beauty of the river by cruising via boat. The navigable part stretches from Limerick to Lower Lough Erne. At Limerick city, the river meets the sea.

Killarney National Park

The national park is located in County Kerry near the town of Killarney – the very first national park established in Ireland. The park includes lakes, yellow woodlands, and several mountain peaks. The biodiversity there can make your trip more enjoyable.

Castles of Ireland

Your trip would not be complete if you didn’t visit the beautiful castles of the country. The famous castles are Ashford Castle, Lough Eske Castle, and Waterford Castle. You can stay there for a night, or enjoying the day trip from Dublin wouldn’t be less enjoyable.

Aran Islands

A curious explorer like you would like to visit the place where the native language is spoken first, and English being the second. The horse and carriage are still operative there. These islands present you with a diverse perspective of history, from ruins of seven churches, rectangular natural pool to stone structure with beehive roof. Feel a little past in history, visit the Aran Islands.

Behold the Sunrise in Lough Tay

Yes, a tourist wakes up early in the morning to utilise most of his daytime. What about beginning your day with a beautiful sunrise in Lough Tay in Glendalough National park. Even if you are in Dublin, you can reach the place in 35 minutes by availing the services of Ireland to rent a car. You are not likely to leave the Lough Tay until you have visited all its beauty.

Blackrock Observatory

If you are a night wanderer – even if you are not – you shall go to this place to give a sense of completion to your tour. Among the top Ireland tourist attractions, you can gaze stars from Blackrock observatory.