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What to upload to your company’s Instagram account?

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Instagram is a social network that seems to be built for visual storytelling. There are many opportunities for brand promotion here. And more and more new ones appear, for example, the recently announced History tool – another confirmation of this. Before you start promoting on Instagram, you need to determine what you will say to the audience in your posts.

In this case, this technique helps a lot. List a few verbs on the sheet that reflect the essence of your brand and with which your brand should be associated with customers. A verb is an action. Storytelling is also always an action, a development of events. Therefore, brand key verbs will help focus, not lose the thread of the message and the mood that needs to be conveyed. And besides, they will not let you forget about the key point of visual storytelling – showing action, development of events, movement. This will make people remember the post.

The second point to consider is the unity of the visual style. I do not think that it should be strictly adhered to on Instagram, but nevertheless, some points must be taken into account. If we are talking about illustrations, graphics, then it is advisable to use corporate colors and shades, corporate graphic elements, if they are present in the brand’s style. For a photo, use one or more filters that are constantly used. But overall, it is much more important to focus on the meaning of the post and make sure that meaning is subordinate to a specific purpose and in line with the brand.

And the third, very important point – posts should be useful for your audience, a certain value. Without this, it is impossible to build an effective promotion strategy on Instagram (and anywhere).

The benefits can be expressed in different ways, it can be: an entertaining post, why not cheer up your audience; a post with useful educational information, a post with tips, for example. Even advertising posts can and should be done so that they also carry useful information.

How to say?

When we have decided on the semantic content of the post, we need to focus on how to say what is needed. That is, how to most effectively convey the necessary information to the audience.

Show the development of events, movement, tell a story.

In practice, it might look like this. Use multiple images combined into one or multiple posts to tell a small story. As a simple example: a picture before and after, which shows the state of something in the start and end position. This can be applied in various forms almost everywhere, since business usually solves some problem or satisfies the needs facing people – why not show the result? A fairly standard trick, but it works well and draws attention to the post.

You can also make a mini-comic with dialogue or monologue, for example, with the participation of your brand character and so on. There are many options.

Such “live” photos can be used as separate posts or also combined into a collage. This is a mini story that conveys the atmosphere that the brand is broadcasting. Please note: all photos are emotionally vivid. Real storytelling always aims to evoke emotions in people.

The ability to use multiple images is also provided in Instagram ads (and on Facebook, by the way, too) – this is a carousel of images.

The text will also help to reveal the content – be sure to provide posts with a detailed description. In many cases, a post like this will work best: an interesting, meaningful picture that will generate initial interest in the post, combined with helpful text that reveals the message.

Besides using pictures, collages, mini-comics, don’t forget about videos. On Instagram, you can post videos up to a minute in length. This opens up tremendous opportunities for visual storytelling. Telling a story with video – what could be more interesting? Also use animation, including text, make videos in the style of stop motion, and so on.

In conclusion. To make it easier to navigate the creation of posts, I will give several examples of universal topics and formats that, as a rule, can be successfully used in any business.

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